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Join the SPARKteam!

by Seila Rizvic

As SPARK has continued to grow over the past few years, we’ve gotten tons of requests from girls asking how they can become a part of our organization. Well here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: SPARK is looking for new members to join our team!

If you are interested in becoming a part of an international group of girls who come together to fight against negative depictions of women in media, SPARK is the place for you. SPARK has been the force behind massive nationwide petitions against Seventeen Magazine and LEGO, as well as bringing our voice to the national conversation on sexual assault on high school and college campuses. These petitions have brought in a combined total of over 200,000 signatures, in addition to coverage across nearly all the major news outlets, including CNN, ABC News, Huffington Post, and NPR.

What can SPARK offer you?

  • A supportive environment of girls and women who love to collaborate, communicate ideas and support each other.
  • The chance to learn how to plan and execute both local and national activist campaigns.
  • Writing experience! You’ll be a published blogger with a repertoire of online work.
  • Online trainings and workshops to help you hone your feminist knowledge.
  • Real and valuable experience in the world of activism.
  • The opportunity to make your voice heard.
  • Money! We pay $25 per blog/action.

What should you offer us?

We’re looking for enthusiastic activists who:

  • are between the ages of 13 and 22.
  • have great writing skills and an interest in blogging and organizing.
  • are passionate about fighting back against sexualization of girls and women in media.
  • have between 15 and 25 hours a month to dedicate to SPARK.

My own experience at SPARK over the past two years has been incredible. The people that I have had the privilege to work with and the opportunities I have had presented to me are incomparable with any other job I’ve had in the past.  My fellow SPARKteam members were supportive and inspiring, the leadership is incredibly dedicated, and our projects are ambitious and always exciting. Not to mention how rewarding our work is! There is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing petition signatures grow exponentially overnight, or of watching your fellow SPARKteammates doing interviews on national TV or, best of all, the excitement of finally receiving the news that your campaign was a success.

No matter your level of experience, SPARK is a great place (the greatest place?) to come and develop the activist skills necessary to create change in the world. Apply! Download the application here (in .doc form) and send it to by SUNDAY, MAY 19th! Good luck!

UPDATE: due to overwhelming demand, we’re extending the application deadline to FRIDAY, MAY 24th, at MIDNIGHT EST. Get those apps in!


Want to take action with SPARK but don’t have the time to commit to the SPARKteam? Click here to join the SPARK Action Squad!

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14 Responses to “Join the SPARKteam!”

  1. Feminism is something that I’m very passionate about and I think it’s immensely beneficial to so many groups. I’ve never really attempted to speak out about my opinions and feelings so I feel like SPARKteam is the perfect place for me to really step out of my comfort zone and push myself to dive into my thoughts and share them with like minded individuals that aren’t exactly in abundance in North Dakota.
    I struggled a lot with my ideas about feminism and about myself and I didn’t have much help until I found SPARK. I would love to provide to others what this organization provided to me.

  2. Hailey Escobar says:

    Question: For a writing sample, should I send a link to a former article I wrote for my college newspaper about feminism or would you like an new, original piece? I just want to make sure as I am finishing up my application.

  3. Rebecca Zhou says:

    When will we be able to hear back from you, regarding whether or not we got in? Thanks!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Can international students also apply?
    I live in South Korea but am nonetheless passionate for the cause! And I intend to apply to an American university next year, anyways (I am a senior student).

    • SPARKsummit says:

      Yes! Absolutely. Right now we have three non-US girls on the SPARKteam and we welcome applications from girls around the world!

  5. Katherine Vega says:

    Hello! SPARK seems like a wonderful movement, and the position sounds amazing, but I was hoping you could answer a question for me. I only found out about this application recently and am still in the process of completing it. Are applications due on the 24th, or are they due on the 23rd before midnight of the 24th? I’m sorry for the horribly awkward phrasing, but I’d just like to make sure I still have time to complete the application.

    As a side note, I’m so incredibly glad that this organization exists. I learned about SPARK a few days ago and have been on this website for hours ever since checking out everything it has to offer. Whether or not I’m selected, I just wanted to let the SPARKteam know that they’re doing great, important work, and that girls like me appreciate it. Thanks!

    • SPARKsummit says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Thank you so much! You definitely do have time to get your app in still–the application deadline is technically midnight of the 25th. I guess we should have said 11:59pm on the 24th! Looking forward to reading your app :)


  6. Louise says:

    Such a shame I wasn’t able to see this and actually Join. I hope there’s a next year and best of luck to those who applied!

  7. Lex says:

    Hi SPARK!

    I notice that it has been about a year since this article has been posted. Are you accepting applications for new members this year as well?

    Thank you

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