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Being a feminist face in an “un-feminist” space

The author performing in 2013

by Julia Bluhm I’ve been a feminist ever since I knew what a feminist was. Being a feminist seemed like common sense to me. I felt like, naturally, I was a feminist in everything I did. I’m a feminist as I work with a team of inspiring, motivated women in SPARK to create change. I’m [...]

‘Everything is practice’: an interview with Patricia Alvarado

2 nests, 2014

by Brenda Guesnet For this month’s SPARKArtists we talked to Patricia Alvarado, a 22-year old visual artist from Chicago finishing up art school at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Although Patricia is mainly a performance artist, she uses a variety of mediums, including video and photography. Her work draws on personal experience as [...]

Sexual harassment online is everywhere–but it doesn’t need to be

the author's profile photo

by Anya Josephs There is nowhere you can go on the internet as a woman without being sexually harassed. Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration. More accurately: I, personally, have never existed online in any space where I am identifiably female without receiving unsolicited dick pics, demands for nude pictures of myself, or extremely personal questions [...]

Why we stopped reading “alternative” teen media

by Aviv Rau and Calliope Wong As teenage girls and former consumers of alternative and feminist publications and blogs circulating the Internet today, we’ve noticed a disappointing trend of girls with pale skin, knobby knees, thigh gaps, and pastel hair being featured almost exclusively. In fact, the trends are so exclusive that they’ve turned us [...]

Redefining “nude”

Models wearing the Nubian Skin line

by Jodi-Ann Johnson Though I love that “UMPH!” that comes with a good lingerie set, I myself have never pondered lingerie too much. It was a necessity of a wardrobe as I grew and developed female secondary traits (breasts) and such–bras were needed to  holder the over shoulder boulders, hah. But even just the practical [...]

Seven body confidence tips from actual teens

Let your confidence burn bright like a star that will grow hotter and hotter until it expands and consumes the haters

by Georgia Luckhurst I know I’m not alone in finding that my relationship with my body is changes from day to day, depending on any number of factors. We hear a lot of discussion about teenage girls’ self-esteem, and not just from anxious parents or kindly teachers: the buzzwords of today’s op-eds and research projects [...]