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From the Archives: Umbral gives girls in comics the adventure they need

by Madeleine Nesbitt This post was originally published August 8, 2014 Umbral is a comic that very much depicts the hero’s adventure story– that of King Arthur, or perhaps Frodo Baggins. There’s magic, thievery, a kingdom at risk, and secrets galore. Any typical male adventure hero would fit into this environment, but, thanks to creators Antony Johnston [...]

Some thoughts on going abroad, before actually going

Joneka, ready to go!

by Joneka Percentie I’m leaving the country for the first time this weekend and I am a mess in every sense of the word. These last few days before my departure I’ve felt a strange combination of anxiety, excitement, and confusion. I’m getting on a plane flying across the equator and landing in the southern [...]

Black Women Directors is the perfect Tumblr for your summer movie needs

by Joneka Percentie SPARK’s ongoing Black Women Create  project highlights Black women working to create complex characters and fighting limited representation in the film and television industries through writing, directing, and producing. That’s why I was so excited to come across this tumblr called Black Women Directors, which has the same mission. Black Women Directors [...]

Annalise Keating and Claire Underwood aren’t “Strong Female Characters”–and that’s why I love them


by Annemarie McDaniel I watch quite a bit of TV, from the classic one-episode-a-week shows on primetime television to newer habits of binge-watching an entire season on Netflix. The shows I watch are all wonderful in their own unique ways, but there are two shows in particular I can’t stop obsessing over: How To Get [...]

I’m too young to vote, but I’m still stoked for Britain’s General Election

i mean, probably don't do this? but you get the appeal

by Georgia Luckhurst It’s funny, but until about two months ago, I really couldn’t have cared less about British politics. In the UK, where a historically two-party system forms our political culture, the political scene appeared tired to me: overwhelmingly dominated by middle-aged white men who didn’t really seem particularly interested in the lives of anyone who [...]

“I was writing books I wish I had when I was in high school”: an interview with author Sara Farizan


by Montgomery Jones Every month, the  SPARK Action Squad reads and discusses a book together as part of our monthly #SPARKreads book club. Last month, we read If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan, a page turner of a novel about an Iranian high school girl, Sahar, who is in love with her best [...]