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The miracle of Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin

by Celeste Montaño and Joneka Percentie When the CW released its first look at Jane the Virgin back in July, everyone in SPARK was on the fence about it. The trailer’s tone was intriguing, but a show that revolves entirely around a Latina woman’s sex life—or lack, thereof? Less intriguing, more off-putting. Turns out, we [...]

Black Girl Nerd: an interview with Jamie Broadnax

black girl nerds

by Montgomery Jones If there’s anything Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl taught me, it’s that awkwardness is colorblind. But for some reason, black women are only ever shown as one way in the media. Words like “awkward,” “shy,” nerdy,” “self aware,” “multi dimensional,”….well those words are never used to describe us. I myself am a [...]

On James Franco, Humbert Humbert, and the men who leer at me in the street

by Aviv Rau Being an introverted teenaged girl with tons of free time and a newly acquired driver’s license, I spent a lot of time alone this past summer. Except that I was not really alone. Everywhere I went—bookstores, cafes, stores, restaurants, even on the street—significantly older men making inappropriate comments approached me. Thankfully, things [...]

Male authors, teen girl characters, and Keo Novak

by Cori Fulcher Not too long ago, I talked with a friend about men who could write teenage girls. I had mentioned Jeffery Eugenides and could not for the life of me think of any others. I listed all the teenage girls of literature I loved dearly and then remember one by one they were [...]

SPARK Puts Women on the Map!

#WomenOnTheMap by Joneka Percentie, Katy Ma & Aviv Rau SPARK: Women On The Map For the past year, we’ve been quietly working on a project that we’re thrilled to finally announce! SPARK has teamed up with Google to put Women On The Map so that wherever you are in the world, you can be alerted [...]

In progress: learning to focus on happiness, not fitness

This post contains descriptions of disordered exercising and may be triggering to some readers. by Annemarie McDaniel Every Thanksgiving during middle school, my evening was broken down into two parts: the meal and the post-meal workout. The first half of the evening was like most typical Thanksgivings, filled with scarfing down turkey and mashed potatoes [...]