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Reimagining School Dress Codes

By Ejin Jeong, SPARK Action Squad Clothes have always been an important part of our lives.  They allow us to characterize our era, culture, and personal tastes.  In many ways, clothing helps us express ourselves as individuals through various different styles. However, whenever it comes to expressing ourselves and being an individual, society has morphed […]

SPARK Performance in Brooklyn: This Is Not A Safe Space!

on OCTOBER 24, SPARKteam Players presents a new live, outdoor, site-specific performance addressing rape culture: word on the street is… This Is Not A Safe Space an original soundwalk and live performance challenging rape culture saturday october 24 at 5pm written and performed by: emma, nicosie & tasfia directed by: dana (with eva and courtney) […]

Happy International Day of the Girl!

SPARK Movement is thrilled to co-produce the International Day of the Girl: Girls Speak Out! at the United Nations for the third year in a row. Dana (SPARK’s executive director) is directing The Takeover, an original performance written and performed by teenage girls at the UN – and including writing by girls from 18 countries. […]

Hot Girls Wanted: A SPARK Roundtable

Hot Girls Wanted

by Montgomery Jones, Aviv Rau, Mariah Hall, Courtney Fulcher, and Jazmin Martinez Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary that gives its audience a glimpse into the world of amateur porn, looking into the day to day lives of young women in the industry. It’s been on the media’s radar, thanks in part to producer Rashida […]

SPARK Reads: Nell Zink’s Mislaid


by Courtney Fulcher I first saw screenshots of Nell Zink’s Mislaid when Rachel Dolezal became a news story. I had heard about the book before because it was one of those “10 Books You Must Read This Summer!” but I hadn’t  intended to read it until I read those screenshots. They were all wickedly funny […]

Black Women Create, even from behind prison walls

Latoya Dickens

by Alice Wilder Latoya Dickens and I have been pen pals for a little over a year. In that time, I’ve moved four times. I’ve worked three different jobs and traveled to four different states. But several times a month, without fail, I’ve scooped thick envelopes out of my mail box and unfolded yellow lined pages […]