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Black Women Create: Amandla Stenberg gets out from behind the Yellow Wallpaper

Amandla Stenberg

by Montgomery Jones and Joneka Percentie In 2012, I won a TV competition to interview the cast of The Hunger Games at the world premiere in Los Angeles,  and that’s when I met Amandla Stenberg.  She was a 13 year old that looked younger than she was and I was an 18 year old that [...]

It’s been 11 years and I’m still not a “period pro”

via megan rosalarian gedris

by Dee Putri Recently there was a blood stain on my pants after I couldn’t change my tampon for 10 hours because I was away. I noticed it at home, which is kind of okay, because it would totally have freaked me out if I’d noticed while I’d been in public–I would have had to [...]

Research Blog: How does being objectified in romantic relationships make girls feel?

My eyes are up here, broski

by Kimberly Belmonte In New York City, life lessons happen on the subways.  Monday morning, out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy across the aisle staring at me. And I begin having these rapid-fire flustered thoughts about my hair and my outfit, “Is my hair one giant curly poof in this [...]

SPARK Artists: The Guerrilla Girls and activism as art

Guerelli Girls' most famous piece

by Brenda Guesnet Some of you might be familiar with the image above: it’s arguably the most famous poster artwork of the anonymous feminist group “Guerilla Girls.” The Guerilla Girls have been active since the 1980s, and became famous for their billboards and posters calling out sexism and racism within the art world. The poster [...]

Summer reading redux: Americanah


by Sam Holmes I haven’t had the best experiences with required summer readings. An ever growing pile of books haunted me throughout the Julys and Augusts of my high school career. Moby Dick traveled with me to the beach, Taming of the Shrew was in my purse during the summer carnival, and  Othello was an [...]

You wouldn’t understand, you can only feel: an interview with Diana Fathi

Diana Fathi in the theater

by Elisabed Gedevanishvili I am sure you have never heard of an inspiring artist, Diana Fathi. Diana was born on the first night of fall into a family of doctors. As a teenager she was quite shy, and her English accent always got in the way of proudly speaking in her native language, Farsi. After finishing [...]