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SPARK Puts Women on the Map!

#WomenOnTheMap by Joneka Percentie, Katy Ma & Aviv Rau SPARK: Women On The Map For the past year, we’ve been quietly working on a project that we’re thrilled to finally announce! SPARK has teamed up with Google to put Women On The Map so that wherever you are in the world, you can be alerted [...]

In progress: learning to focus on happiness, not fitness

This post contains descriptions of disordered exercising and may be triggering to some readers. by Annemarie McDaniel Every Thanksgiving during middle school, my evening was broken down into two parts: the meal and the post-meal workout. The first half of the evening was like most typical Thanksgivings, filled with scarfing down turkey and mashed potatoes [...]

I deserve ED recovery, and so do you

by Anya Josephs You deserve to get better. Even if your eating disorder isn’t typical. Even if you don’t have symptoms every day, or every week. Even if you aren’t underweight. Even if you haven’t had any physical consequences. Even if your eating disorder has just started. Even if your eating disorder has been going [...]

#ReadPOC2015: The House of the Spirits

The House of the Spirits

by Luci Navas Sharry I have to admit that I was entering The House of the Spirits with high expectations. Its author Isabel Allende is one of the most respected authors in Latin American literature. Her stories, which I read in school, have female protagonists who used their beauty and intelligence to advance themselves. And [...]

The truth and power of Beyond the Lights

from the official Beyond the Lights Instagram

by Montgomery Jones Have you ever held a story so close to your heart that the thought of describing it is almost intimidating?  I feel like my words will always come up short in my pursuit to articulate the importance of a film like Beyond the Lights. I’m not a romance film buff in general [...]

‘Girl talk’ shouldn’t mean ‘sh– talk’

it doesn't need to be this way!

by Dee Putri Talking about girls’ friendship is very confusing, because it feels like it comes with a lot ofdrama and gossip. One day a girl can hate another girl, and the next  they can be friends, even best friends! Being a girl is complicated, confusing, with no exact rules, but that doesn’t mean our [...]