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Black Women Create: Tchaiko Omawale wants girls to find Solace

by Joneka Percentie I began my research simply. I rephrased the key search words several times: Black women and eating disorders, eating disorders and Black women, disordered eating among Black women. Each search yielded few results. Very little research has been done on Black women and eating disorders. With hardly any statistics specifically about Black [...]

The world says women can’t work together, but I know that’s wrong

The view from the author's desk at KAB

by Sam Holmes “I’d hate to work in a place that’s like entirely women. It sounds like it would be so shallow and catty” Allie said to me. I’d just told a group of friends about my upcoming internship at Keep America Beautiful, an organization where I’d be working mostly with other women. I was [...]

My Grandmother is my feminist inspiration

Virginia Bluhm

by Julia Bluhm The suggestion for this blog came from Michael Dobson, also one of Virginia Bluhm’s grandchildren. On August 26, 1971, New York City’s fifth avenue was flooded with over 50,000 woman participants in a nationwide strike for equality in politics, employment, and education. It was organized by Betty Friedan and the National Organization [...]

We love Mindy Kaling, but not because of her body

Mindy Kaling in Vogue

by Ajaita Saini Mindy Kaling is an Emmy nominated actress, comedian, producer, and writer. She’s most famous for her work as Kelly Kapoor on The Office and Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project. However, she is also known for looking a lot different than most comedians and actors out there. In an appearance on Jimmey [...]

SPARK Summer Reading: Umbral gives girls in comics the adventure they need


by Madeleine Nesbitt Umbral is a comic that very much depicts the hero’s adventure story– that of King Arthur, or perhaps Frodo Baggins. There’s magic, thievery, a kingdom at risk, and secrets galore. Any typical male adventure hero would fit into this environment, but, thanks to creators Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten, this comic isn’t [...]

SPARK Summer Reading: The girl protagonist who inspired me to code

click here

by Annemarie McDaniel Growing up, I had always been plugged into the computer. I still love the baby photo of me where I’m hunched over my giant desktop screen before age 5, playing some educational CD-ROM game. I loved computers from a very young age, but I didn’t realize how much I creative I could [...]