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The Orlando shooting: Alternative media


Brought to you by Powered By Girl Trigger warning – Orlando shooting Here is a page dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the Orlando shooting at Pulse night club. 49 people were killed on Saturday – the biggest mass shooting in recent US history. They were queer people, predominantly Latinx queer people. As the […]

Book review: My Daughter’s Army


By Christiana Paradis, brought to you by Powered By Girl I just finished reading My Daughter’s Army by Greg Hogben and the moment I put it down my heart was pounding—I just wanted more! It’s honestly taken me several days to fully put all of my thoughts about this book together and write the review […]

Fractured families: A review of the Green Road

the green road

By Anna Hill, brought to you by Powered By Girl Content note – brief mention of: death, bi erasure, aids, white saviourism, physical abuse and childhood neglect and abuse If The Green Road by Anne Enright had not been shortlisted for the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction I wouldn’t have picked it up. The novel […]

Fatphobia and food: A review of the improbability of love

improbability of love

Brought to you by Powered By Girl By Anna Hill Content note: anorexia [breifly], fatphobia, racial stereotyping, very brief mention of rape The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild is a novel ostensibly about the transformative power of art and as such has been shortlisted for the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction this year. The […]

Research Blog: Judgments of self-sexualization on Facebook, or, too sexy to be smart

By Jenn Chmielewski It’s that time of year when I start seeing photo after photo on Facebook of people vacationing in awesome (warm) locations. While I am still cold in New York City, I see them lounging on beautiful beaches in bikinis or partying like rock stars in crop tops at Coachella. I will admit, […]

RESEARCH BLOG: The Hidden Cost of Sexualization

By Kimberly Belmonte Every morning when I get off the subway, staring at me are billboard-sized Victoria’s Secret ads featuring models sexily posing in lingerie. These huge ads are just one of the many sexualized images of women that are in my face every single every day! Usually, I roll my eyes at these kinds […]