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Seven body confidence tips from actual teens

Let your confidence burn bright like a star that will grow hotter and hotter until it expands and consumes the haters

by Georgia Luckhurst I know I’m not alone in finding that my relationship with my body is changes from day to day, depending on any number of factors. We hear a lot of discussion about teenage girls’ self-esteem, and not just from anxious parents or kindly teachers: the buzzwords of today’s op-eds and research projects [...]

SPARK Artists: Weaving as art, not just “women’s work”

Dianne with several hand-woven pieces

by Annemarie McDaniel This interview is part of our ongoing SPARK Artists series.  Dianne Lake is a current college student at Yale University, involved with consent and sexual respect education and a campus a capella group Shades, which sings music of the African diaspora. I have known Dianne for years, but I first learned about [...]

Quiet can be powerful

eleanor roosevelt didn't get all up in everyone's face and she's still a hero!

by Ajaita Saini “Honestly, as much as I love you, I thought you were a bitch when I first met you. You tend to give off the I-don’t-want-to-talk-to-you vibe.” This was coming from my best friend, and I wondered how many other people had the same impression of me. Yeah, okay, maybe I do come [...]

“Adam, try these apples!”

she probably wasn't this sad, y'all! that fruit was probably delicious.

by Elisabed Gedevanishvili I often find myself a subject of random, almost creepy glares. As I speak, or watch TV, sing in shower, or twerk in my room, I feel as if someone’s watching me and critiquing my behavior according to a prewritten, unkown criteria. Like all boundaries, these criteria must have been created by someone [...]

The shade(ism) of it all

Most of the dolls I owned as a kid were this shade, never darker

by Sam Holmes It took me a minute to process what she had just said. It was pretty straight-forward, but I struggled to really wrap my mind around it. She paused, and then repeated herself: “I want to study outside, but I can’t afford to get any darker. This is as dark as I am [...]

SPARK TV Week: No, Yes, Maybe


by Alice Wilder Mulaney Every single review of Fox’s Mulaney that I have read starts with the reviewer insisting that they really, really want to like the show. I say this because I want you to know that I know what I’m about to say is cliche: I want to like Mulaney. The main character [...]