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Research Blog: What are the consequences of kicking butt in high heels?

tomb raider

by Stephanie M. Anderson Over the holidays, I spent time in Michigan in my childhood home. When I wasn’t preparing food, napping, or indulging in too much TV, I found myself rummaging through closets full of keepsakes from my adolescence: personal diaries, pictures from dances, artwork that only my mother could love. And then I [...]

Research Blog: Hallelujah! Feminist activism sets me free

photo by Sarah Bures

by Jenn Chmielewski Okay, so I’ll admit it. Post-Turkey day and just a couple weeks off from my family’s Christmas dinner (and my awesome candy cane cookies) I’ve started to think a little too much about how this holiday season might be putting a few pounds on me. When it’s just me with a mirror, sometimes [...]

Research Blog: I Wanna Belly Dance with Somebody

Belly dancer

by Christin Bowman When I was a kid, gymnastics was my life. I spent hours and hours at the gym, and I was closer to my teammates than I was to my schoolmates. At school, I wrote all of my book reports and biography assignments about gymnasts, and I spent every recess balancing, swinging, flipping, [...]

Research Blog: Barbie can limit girls’ career dreams

Not really a career

by Jenn Chmielewski Okay, I admit it. As much as I would love to say that I was a little feminist socialist as a child, impervious to the sexualized gendered marketing scheme that is Barbie, I cannot. I was one of the 99% of girls that played with that skinny, large-breasted, blond haired plastic toy[1] [...]

Research Blog: How does being objectified in romantic relationships make girls feel?

My eyes are up here, broski

by Kimberly Belmonte In New York City, life lessons happen on the subways.  Monday morning, out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy across the aisle staring at me. And I begin having these rapid-fire flustered thoughts about my hair and my outfit, “Is my hair one giant curly poof in this [...]

Research Blog: How does our approach to exercise affect our relationships with our bodies?

not a nightmare?!

by Stephanie M. Anderson I am not a runner – or at least I wasn’t. I grew up hating running for all of the obvious reasons: panting, chafing, blisters, short shorts. Frankly, I would have rather spent an hour at the dentist than run 2 miles. So when I completed the New York City Half [...]