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“Low-Cut Shirts and High-Heeled Shoes”: A look at sexualization in teen magazines


by Kimberly Belmonte Have you heard that there’s no more photoshopping in American Eagle’s Aerie ads?  I think it’s a step in the right direction and it reminds me of SPARK activist Julia Bluhm’s petition to Seventeen magazine that led the company to issue a new policy against photoshopping its images.  While it’s totally awesome [...]

Research Blog: SPARKing a Riot

from the Riot Grrrl Zine Arcvhice at Fales Library, NYU

by Marisa Ragonese I’m pretty excited to be one of the research bloggers for SPARK, because in my universe SPARK and research are both amazing, and the combination is the amazingest. I’m also extra excited to contribute to SPARK in some small way because doing revolutionary work with girls and women is what keeps me [...]

Research Blog: Am I the Object of Your Desire?

by Stephanie M. Anderson Valentine’s Day – that pink, red, and white chocolate-covered day where you have the chance to tell everyone how much you care for them. I have to confess: it was one of my favorite days growing up. The anticipation of carnations, chocolates, or Disney-themed cards from a “secret admirer” (even if [...]

Research Blog: Oh, the Humanity! (It’s More Than Skin-Deep)


by Kimberly Belmonte  Okay, let’s have moment of honesty—who’s hoping for the next President of the United States to be a woman?  I’ll confess, I totally am!  But in preparation for the 2016 election, I think we need to tell our media to clean up its act! During the 2008 presidential campaign when Democratic hopeful [...]

Research Blog: Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist–Can You Feel It?

you'd feel these hearts too but in a different way

By Marisa Ragonese Halloween—obviously the best holiday in the history of the world—is coming our way.  Let’s talk about some recent heart-racing research, which is almost as fun as peeking under that thinned-out curtain between the living and the dead, or, let’s be real, trick-or-treating (which I think most of us can get away with [...]

Research Blog: How Being Ogled by Men Made My Brain Freeze

try it!

by Christin Bowman It was on a hot summer day a few weeks ago that I decided to sit outside in a park to do some writing. Ninety-degree heat isn’t for the faint of heart, and the only sane thing to wear on a day like that is shorts and a tank top. What can [...]