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SPARKit: You’ve Been SPARK’d!


Let’s make shoppers think!  If you’ve been in a big box store toy department lately, you know that when it comes to play, girls and boys are reduced to gender stereotypes, neatly organized in pink and blue aisles. Girls are sold nurturing, cooking, and cleaning, with a heavy dose of fashion and appearance/body obsession. Their […]

SPARKit with The Lamp!


How many times have you seen a sexist or sexualized commercial and thought, “This so ticks me off, I’m not buying it, and I wish I could let them know why?” Welcome to our partner, The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project), a non-profit org with a mission to reform and improve media through education. The […]

SPARKit with About-Face!


About-Face has been a SPARK partner from the beginning.  They helped us plan our kick-off Summit and infused the day with the boundless spirit of girl-fueled grassroots activism.  Their tagline “Don’t fall for the media circus!” speaks volumes to us and we’re spreading their girl positive messages far and wide to help them achieve their […]

SPARKit with Girls for Gender Equity!


Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) is a volunteer-run, grassroots, youth development organization that works with youth organizers to STOP sexual harassment and gender-based violence in schools and on the streets.  GGE has been a SPARK partner from the beginning. They helped us plan our 2010 Summit, and their Sisters in Strength gave a powerful workshop […]

SPARKit with the ASAP Initiative!


Ever wanted to tell your story about dealing with sexualization–how you live with it, how you push back, what makes protesting hard, and important? Ever wonder what it used to be like for the adult women in your life to be sexualized and what they did about it? One of our favorite SPARK Summit action […]

SPARKit with PBG!


  The Day of the Girl is about highlighting, celebrating, discussing, and advancing girls lives and opportunities across the globe. When girls come together to talk about things that really matter to us, we can teach other people–grownups, boys, girls all across the world–a new way of thinking about issues like gender stereotypes, discrimination, and […]