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2014 SPARKteam apps are now open! DEADLINE EXTENDED

You’ve been asking, and the time is finally here! From today until May 7th 11th, we’ll be accepting applications to join the SPARKteam. The SPARKteam is SPARK’s fuel; it’s what drives us and keeps us going. The SPARKteam is a core group of girls and young women ages 13-22 armed with fierce writing and creative arts […]

Google: Doodle Us!

by Celeste Montaño [Ed. note: an earlier version of this blog didn’t mention the research of Ann M. Martin, a science educator who has been tracking and writing about gender in Google Doodles since 2011. This piece, and our corresponding action page, have both been updated to credit her and her work, which is excellent and […]

Help the Obama Administration fight sexual assault on college campuses

know your ix organizers

by Ty Slobe Universities have a responsibility to protect students from violence, discrimination, harassment, and assault. When something violent happens to students on or off campus, universities have a responsibility to handle these cases in an appropriate way that keeps the campus community and the victim safe. Given this extremely basic responsibility that schools owe […]

Girls want American Girl to commit to diversity

Avery and one of her dolls

by Anya Josephs When I was younger, I owned an American Girl doll, like many girls my age. I wasn’t as big a fan as some girls, but I really loved the books that went with each doll. I read all the stories that were in my elementary school’s library, and I still remember the […]

You’ll Have to Kill a Child but at Least You’ll Look Good Doing It

District 12, "mining," according to CoverGirl

by Lilinaz Evans, Georgia Luckhurst, and Melissa Campbell Most people reading this have probably seen all the build-up for the new film in the The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire. The film comes out Friday the 22nd in the US, and in order to promote it, Lionsgate has teamed up with CoverGirl to release the […]

Dance with Us in Times Square for Day of the Girl!

This Friday, October 11th is the second International Day of the Girl. This is also the kick off date for our 7-day Take Back Media Times Square campaign by the Brave Girls Alliance. During this week, we have rented a digital billboard in Times Square (amazing, right?!!) on 7th Ave & 43rd Street and we will be showcasing messages from girls […]