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What is SPARK?

SPARK stands for Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge. SPARK is a movement designed to push back against the increasingly sexualized images of girlhood in the media and create room for whole girls and healthy sexuality. SPARK will engage teen girls to be part of the solution rather than to protect them from the problem.

Can you tell me more about the SPARK Summit?

The SPARK Summit launched a grassroots movement to support and stand with girls. Held on Friday October 22nd, 2010 at Hunter College in New York City, the Summit was a day to speak out, push back on the sexualization of girls, and have fun while igniting a movement for girls’ rights to healthy sexuality. The Summit gave girls between the ages of 14-22 the information and tools to become activists, organizers, researchers, policy influencers, and media makers.

Was the SPARK Summit a one-time event?

No! Summits can be hosted by schools, community groups, and girl-focused organizations anywhere! If you’re interested in organizing a SPARK Summit in your community, please contact our executive director Dana Edell at

What about boys and men? 

Boys and men are ABSOLUTELY important to the SPARK movement; we can’t change the way girls are portrayed or how others relate to them if we leave out half the population. Not to mention that sexualization of girls has been shown to be bad for boys and men as well. In fact, while the SPARKteam will be girls and women only, male allies can take part in all actions, including future Summits, as allies. At the first Summit, well-known and well-respected author and researcher in masculinity Michael Kimmel, supervised several places where our male allies publicly showed their support for SPARK, including male ally action stations and exhibits.