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WANTED: New SPARKteam Members!


By Crystal Ogar Do you find yourself looking at magazine ads of women and seeing something that’s a bit off? What about your favorite TV shows? Or films? How about the lack of women representation to the sexualization of young girls? If you love to blog and create activism in your community, SPARK wants you! […]

Your Words Matter: SPARK at Women in the World


by Mehar Gujral, Angela Batuure, and Crystal Ogar This past weekend, SPARK activists Angela Batuure and Mehar Gujral and SPARK Action Squad Coordinator Crystal Ogar were at the Women in the World Summit in New York City! While Angela and Mehar live blogged from the Women in the World Tumblr, Crystal spoke on a panel […]

Women, Let’s Embrace Aging and Our Bodies

Let's fight ageism together.

By Crystal Ogar The sexualization of young girls and women begins at a very early age. But what happens when you get older? There’s a suspicious trend that starts to arise as you go from being a young adult to an older woman — the marketing of beauty and anti-aging products exclusively to women. I’m […]

The Girls of Ark Music Factory

By Crystal Ogar I’m sure by now all of you have seen the viral video Friday by Rebecca Black. No? Don’t bother. It’s produced by Ark Music Factory, a company that features auto-tuned, pre-teen girls against a back drop of poorly edited green screen images. Company Founder and CEO Patrice Wilson talks about keeping his […]

Maria Talks, Getting it right

By Crystal Ogar Once in awhile on the Internet you stumble across a gem and is a website that wholly fits that criteria. Maria Talks was developed by the AIDS Action Committee with funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The website talks about sexual health, protection, sexual violence, contraception, pregnancy and STD […]

Pulled Perfection

by Crystal Ogar I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about two makeup ads being pulled in the U.K. for being misleading and heavily photoshopped. Bravo. The ads were Maybelline’s “wrinkle eraser” starring Christy Turlington and the other was Julia Roberts for L’Oreal make-up. Both stars look as close to perfection as a woman can […]