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How to Lose Your Virginity: an interview with Therese Shecter

by Alice Wilder We’re all pretty big fans of filmmaker Therese Shechter, who you might know from her film I Was a Teenage Feminist. Her 2013 documentary How To Lose Your Virginity, which is available for streaming in July, explores the ways we think about sexuality and how it changes the way we feel about ourselves [...]

Leslie + Ben 5ever, or, how Parks and Rec saved me from Twilight

so cute you kinda wanna puke but in a good way, you know?

by Alice Wilder I was in 8th grade. The most romantic thing that had ever happened to me was a sweaty slow dance at summer camp to Stairway to Heaven. And I wanted to be Bella Swan. I owned every Twilight novel and read them religiously. On the weekends my friends and I would congregate [...]

Teen girls Hollaback! in North Carolina

YARC photo 2014

by Alice Wilder Ten girls are in the center of the room in a tight circle. Hannah, who is facilitating this activity, takes out a slip of paper and reads, “Step in the circle if you’ve cried this week.” Everyone steps inside the circle: the seven girls of Youth Against Rape Culture (YARC) and their [...]

Redefining Realness: an interview with Janet Mock

Redefining Realness

by Alice Wilder If you know anything about Janet Mock, you’re already 99% sure that her new memoir, Redefining Realness, is phenomenal. You might know her from her appearances on the Melissa Harris-Perry show, from her awesome Twitter presence, or her landmark piece in Marie Claire. You may have heard of her Storygiving campaign, which [...]

“Do”-ing It Right!

By Alice Wilder This summer, there was a movie in theaters all over the country that featured a young woman telling a guy that she wants to be on top during sex because “it increases her chances of orgasm by 40%.” It was called The To-Do List, and that scene alone made it feel miraculous [...]

Filibusters, Moral Mondays, and Channelled Rage


by Alice Wilder Being a feminist in the south often means being largely in the minority. It means expecting restrictive legislation with every new legislative session. This summer though, it also means that you might find yourself on a lawn with thousands of protesters. It means running out of “politicians make crappy doctors” pins in [...]