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Black Women Create: 7 films to watch for

by Joneka Percentie It’s December, which means Oscar predictions are starting and there’s an unsettling and undeniable trend. Some top contenders include Wild (white woman in the wilderness), Exodus: God and Kings (white men and women as Egyptian royalty), Interstellar (white astronauts in space), Gone Girl (psycho white people), Birdman (white people in a play), [...]

Black Women Create: Amandla Stenberg gets out from behind the Yellow Wallpaper

Amandla Stenberg

by Montgomery Jones and Joneka Percentie In 2012, I won a TV competition to interview the cast of The Hunger Games at the world premiere in Los Angeles,  and that’s when I met Amandla Stenberg.  She was a 13 year old that looked younger than she was and I was an 18 year old that [...]

Black Women Create: Tchaiko Omawale wants girls to find Solace

by Joneka Percentie I began my research simply. I rephrased the key search words several times: Black women and eating disorders, eating disorders and Black women, disordered eating among Black women. Each search yielded few results. Very little research has been done on Black women and eating disorders. With hardly any statistics specifically about Black [...]

Nicole Byer’s Pursuit of Sexiness

Nicole Byer as Nicky in "Pursuit of Sexiness"

by Joneka Percentie YouTube has become a treasure chest of funny and smart web series starring Black women, and among the jewels is Pursuit of Sexiness by UCBComedy and Deverge. Pursuit of Sexiness follows friends Nicky and Sheer, and their adventures in New York, including dating, thrift shopping, and dancing on the subway. Nicole Byer, [...]

Black Women Create: Issa Rae

black women create

by Sam Holmes On my first day of kindergarten, I encountered the consequence of poor representation in media. I remember how terrified I was as I entered the classroom. All my friends from pre-k had gone to other schools, so I didn’t know a single person in my class. When I finally found the courage [...]

Black Women Create: highlighting Black women in film and TV

black women create

by Joneka Percentie Many people underestimate the power that representation in the media can have for young girls, and especially young girls of color–but connecting with the experiences of another person and empathizing with their stories and lives is powerful.  Whenever we talk about why representation matters, I always think about this quote from actress Whoopi [...]