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Read Women 2014: The Bluest Eye

the bluest eye

This post is part of #ReadWomen2014 by Shavon L. McKinstry I feel the need to disclose this now before we all get too far into this review: I am deeply in love with Toni Morrison and her writing. If you’ve never had the privilege of reading anything graced by the pen of Morrison, she writes […]

Silent No More: Speaking Up Against Sexual Harassment

it is!

by Shavon L. McKinstry My first ever “real-tax-paying” job was in college. Being able to provide for myself was something that I so desperately wanted, it was a level of independence I hadn’t known, it was another step into adulthood. Unfortunately, after crossing this important milestone, I found myself forced into an unofficial milestone for […]

The Thigh Gap Struggle: Seeking Perfection in the Impossible

no problem!

by Shavon L. McKinstry This post contains content that may be triggering to people with eating disorders. If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of an eating disorder, self-harm, or other mental health issues, please call or chat online with the National Eating Disorder Association (calls US only) at 1–800–931–2237, or Befrienders Worldwide to […]

Women’s History Year: Who Influences You?

by Shavon L. McKinstry What women have inspired you or changed your life? And why do we only talk about the during Women’s History Month? SPARK’s new ongoing monthly project, Women’s History Year, seeks to change the way we talk about women, whether they’re famous historical figures or friends, by asking the people to describe […]

Bright Like a Diamond, White Like a Princess

Top, the "New" Pocahontas. Bottom, Pocahontas on film.

by Shavon L. McKinstry In recent years, Disney has been toying around with their “Princess” brand, making their popular films and characters even more marketable to children–namely, to young girls. This isn’t really new: Disney has changed the designs of their princesses to fit with market trends numerous times since the first princess, Snow White, […]

Race is a feminist issue

By Shavon L. McKinstry Racism is a feminist issue–just as much as sexism, homophobia, and any other type of discrimination. Many newcomers to feminism don’t know this; many veterans forget about it. In battling for contraceptives, petitioning against politicians who don’t believe in a woman’s right to choose, arguing over the wage gap, and so […]