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Rally for Girls’ Sports: To Cheer Or Not To Cheer?

Today is Rally for Girls’ Sports Day! Across the web, bloggers, tweeters and Facebook users are raising their voices in celebration of the far-reaching benefits of athletics participation for girls. buy term papers Crossposted from the Women’s Media Center By Emma Woods NWLC presents the Blog To Rally for Girls’ Sports 2010 Despite years spent […]

“The Weather Outside Is Frightful”…And So Are The Magazine Headlines!

Culley Schultz is a senior at Glen Ridge High School, outside of New York City.  She is the vice-president of the GRHS Girls Learn International (GLI) Chapter as well as the Secretary of the GLI Junior Board.  Last year, Culley created a short documentary and commentary on the portrayal of women and girls in the […]

Glee GQ Photos: Soft Porn?

The internet has been abuzz with the highly sexualized photo spread of Glee Cast members Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, taken for the men’s magazine GQ. Dubbed “Glee Gone Wild” these photographs are targeted at GQ’s readership, made up of 72% men whose median age is 33.4. Yet the characters in the extraordinarily popular television […]

Where Is Your Line?

How can we explore the boundaries of violence and pleasure?  What does living in a “sexually liberated” society really mean? Where is your line? Nancy Schwartzman travels around the country with her film The Line in order to ask young woman and men these very questions.  It’s a sex-positive, anti sexual violence movement called The Line […]